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13 years later, Halo 3 has a brand new skull

Halo 3 has a new skull – and it’s one of the best Halo skulls ever.

The new skull, added to Halo 3 on PC and Xbox One this week with the launch of Halo 3 on PC, is called Acrophobia (the fear of heights), and it does a very simple, but very powerful thing: it lets you fly. Real fast.

Yep, you, aka Master Chief, can fly around the game’s various levels like a bird (or more like Minecraft creative mode) by holding down the jump button. There are some risks. If you’re flying too fast and hit something you could splatter poor Master Chief. And of course enemy fire and objects can kill you. But otherwise, you’re free as a bird to roam around Bungie’s brilliant shooter.

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