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505 says Indivisible’s surprise Switch launch down to tool error, after dev airs concerns

Publisher 505 Games has claimed that the surprise launch of gorgeously animated action-platformer Indivisible on Switch earlier this week – a surprise, in particular, to its somewhat dismayed developer, Lab Zero Games, which said it had no forewarning of the release – was down to a “release tool” error.

When Indivisible made its sudden eShop appearance on Wednesday, Lab Zero Games’ Mike Zaimont – who served as project lead and lead designer on the title – took to Twitter, writing, “Feel like you missed the announcement? You’re not alone, our team found out because people on Twitter sent us congratulations! I had no idea! But there it is!”.

Although Zaimont applauded the quality of the Switch version, specifically calling out the porting team’s “seriously excellent work”, he shared his disappointment at a series of failures with the release – including the lack of a launch date announcement from 505 (and indeed “no lead-up PR at all”), the wrong eShop art being used, and the fact the port was based on a build missing a range of recently added features, including couch co-op and a New Game Plus mode.

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