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A 5TB Western Digital external hard drive is now only £71

If you’ve been looking to bulk up your console’s storage capacity – or pick up an external hard drive for any other means – then you’ll absolutely want to snap up one of these 5TB HDDs while they’re massively reduced.

You can head over to Amazon UK right now to get a 5TB Western Digital My Passport for only £70.99. That’s a huge 43 per cent off the usual price and only £2 more than the 2TB version for over double the capacity. Even other similar-sized drives are currently significantly more expensive.

You can absolutely use this drive to expand you PS4 or Xbox One hard drive space. Admittedly, it may be a little overkill for this purpose – unless you absolutely need to have everything you own and every PS Plus game installed at once. Careful, as you may end up overbearing yourself with choice if you take this approach!

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