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A bunch of Command & Conquer games get backward compatibility support on Xbox One

Microsoft has unveiled its latest round of backward-compatibility offerings on Xbox One, and there’s a whole lot of real-time strategy courtesy of Command & Conquer.

More specifically, four C&C titles now have backward-compatibility support, starting with 2007’s Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and its standalone expansion, Kane’s Wrath, which arrived on Xbox 360 the following year.

“While there’s a certain obnoxiousness in its total refusal to innovate,” said Alec Meer in his 8/10 review of Tiberium Wars in 2007, “in a lot of ways it’s exactly the right real-time strategy game at exactly the right time. After years in the wilderness, RTS is pretty cool again right now, and something as cheerfully straightforward as this is just what’s needed to stop… another plunge into an inaccessibility that turns more casual players off the whole genre.”

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