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A piece of Lego can now play Doom

After being made playable in cars, on fridges, via Twitter and even in a tiny LCD screen shoved inside a pregnancy test, we may have finally hit our limit for the things that can run Doom.

On the tiniest LCD screen I’ve ever seen, here’s Doom running inside a single Lego brick.

Brilliantly, this brick is a Lego element typically used as a computer screen, with the insides hollowed out to insert a miniature circuit and LCD display.

Eurogamer plays Doom Eternal – at slightly better resolution.

The creation was put together by Doom enthusiast James Brown, who shared his work on Twitter (thanks, MP1st).

The LCD screen offers a 72×40 resolution – just enough to make out what’s going on. Sort of.

Alternatively, here’s a look at the Lego brick emulating a little Lego computer. And yes, the brick still sticks to others.

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