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Alan Wake is coming to Xbox One and PC Game Pass next week

Fans of gloomy woodland backdrops and relentlessly monologuing the things you’re doing while you’re doing them are in for a treat! Remedy Entertainment’s action-horror opus Alan Wake is heading to Xbox One and PC Game Pass next week, as part of the cult classic’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Alan Wake, which released on Xbox 360 in 2010, follows the talky, torch-wielding adventures of video gaming’s greatest Alan – a best-selling author who takes a much-needed sojourn in the sleepy town of Bright Falls, Washington, in a bid to cure his writer’s block.

Needless to say, dark occurrences aren’t too far behind and, as Alan’s fiction begins to bleed into reality, the game soon settles into a rhythm of bombastic supernatural set-pieces and wonderfully atmospheric roving. It’s one part Stephen King, another part Twin Peaks, and while undoubtedly hokey, its picturesque, small-town setting is wonderfully well-realised, and I still have fond memories of my time in its pine-scented grip ten years on.

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