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AMD announces Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X desktop processors, B550 motherboards

AMD announced two new budget 3rd-gen Ryzen processors today, the $100 Ryzen 3 3100 and the $120 Ryzen 3 3300X. These are the first mainstream Zen 2 CPUs we’ve seen from the red team, and come considerably cheaper than the current value champion, the $200 Ryzen 5 3600.

Despite the low price, these new Ryzen 3 chips offer SMT (simultaneous multithreading) for the first time, so the four physical cores in each CPU can handle up to eight threads in parallel. This ought to give these chips a leg up in many content creation and some gaming workloads compared to their four-thread predecessors (and even Intel’s six-thread Core i5 9400).

Here’s how AMD’s full Zen 2 line-up looks at present (note that the two 3000-series APUs, the Ryzen 3200G and 3400G, are omitted as they’re not Zen 2).

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