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Among Us’ 2023 roadmap promises new map, improved matchmaking

Developer Innersloth has shared its development plans for the next 12 months of social deduction hit Among Us, confirming the year ahead will bring the likes of improved matchmaking and a brand-new map.

Innersloth’s roadmap is a little light in terms of ETAs, but it’s first order of business – user interface and user experience updates for Among Us – are said to be “coming soon”.

“We want to make playing Among Us an easier, more intuitive experience,” the developer explained in a post accompanying its new roadmap. “This means big focus on adding multiple updates to the UI and UX…of the game. Cleaning up the account merging flow, updating the store to be easier to navigate, making it easier to see how you can report a toxic player… these are all things we want to work on, and more.”

Among Us’ new Hide and Seek mode launched at the end of last year.

Then, later in the year – albeit “in no particular order”, as Innserloth notes – Among Us will receive a fifth map, improved matchmaking, a quickchat rework, further collabs, and “more”.

The studio is remaining tight-lipped about the new map’s theme for now, but does promise “all new tasks for you to figure out”, as well as more cosmetics and “fun surprises hidden around”. Innersloth also addresses some of the game’s other upcoming additions in more detail, noting the goal of improved matchmaking will be to make it easier and quicker for players to find games, while the quickchat rework will bring refined dialogue options and easier navigation.

As for the tantalising “more” at the end of its roadmap, Innersloth does tease a few more future ideas while stressing “this is not a promise” and development will only happen “if we have extra time”. Disclaimer out the way, it says it’s been thinking about potential new roles for Among Us, as well as unspecified Friend List improvements.

Among Us – now entirely red cross free – launched its Hide and Seek mode at the end of last year, as well as a VR adaptation for Meta Quest, Rift and Steam.

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