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Animal Crossing: New Horizons item cloning exploit lets devious players rake in the Bells

Unscrupulous (or go-gettingly enterprising, depending on your perspective) Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have a crafty new tool at their disposal in their quest for financial superiority, arriving in the form of a freshly discovered item duplication exploit, enabling them to rack up hundreds of thousands of Bells with minimal effort if they so choose.

While some new island dwellers have been content to earn a crust the good old-fashioned way since New Horizons launched on Friday – through hard toil and, you know, selling a bunch of bees – others, using a method outlined by GameXplain, are riding roughshod over the laws of physics to conjure duplicate items out of thin air and flog them for potentially limitless funds.

All that’s required in-game is a second player, the item you want to duplicate, and some sort of box or stand to put it on. First, the object in question must be placed on the box, which one player should then start rotating. The other player, meanwhile, should grab the object with Y, causing a copy to be added to their inventory while the original items stays where it is.

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