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Animal Crossing players are cosplaying Fire Emblem, Bowsette and more in New Horizons

By far the best feature of any Animal Crossing game, in my opinion, is the game’s custom designs app – something which has already been causing carnage in New Horizons thanks to a tool allowing players to import photos into their game. But beyond the memes are some genuinely creative and adorable cosplays, which are currently being shared across the internet and (in some cases) made available for download. Yes, that means you too can eventually dress up as Bowsette in Animal Crossing. What a time to be alive.

So far one of the most popular games to cosplay, at least on Reddit, has been Fire Emblem: Three Houses – with players sharing some stunning recreations of their favourite characters. Just check out these fabulous renditions of Byleth, Dimitri, Lorenz, Hilda and Bernie, along with downloadable QR codes for the house leaders and Garreg Mach uniforms. I asked our resident tech expert Thomas Marchant to demo the Edelgard outfit, and it looks fabulous when worn with an axe.

Unsurprisingly, that’s not the end of the gaming-themed cosplays, with Nintendo princesses Zelda and Peach getting a fair bit of attention. Someone’s managed to complete the Bowsette look with a cheeky grin snapped mid-emote. Amongst other outfits you can find Geralt, Link and Cloud, and an attempt at recreating 2B from Nier Automata using a face mask to represent the blindfold. Someone just needs to give that Team Rocket James a rose.

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