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Apex Legends deliberately set up Forge to fool data-miners, Respawn confirms

In one of the greatest bamboozles in recent video game history, Respawn pulled an incredible bait-and-switch by hyping up a new Apex Legend, then murdering him before he ever reached the game. Forge’s assassination was a shocking but brilliant moment, helping to renew interest in the battle royale as it reached its one-year anniversary, and providing a pretty dramatic way to reveal actual new legend Revenant.

But it seems Respawn wasn’t just out to fool the average player, as a new interview has confirmed community suspicions that the bait-and-switch was intended to trick data-miners.

Speaking to Dot Esports, Respawn design director Jason McCord explained the Forge stunt was dreamt up by designer Rayme Vinson as a way to regain the element of surprise and misdirect data-miners, who had already leaked Revenant months before season four.

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