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Apex Legends’ new hero is five-time Hyperfighting Federation champion Forge

Apex Legends is almost a year old, and developer Respawn will be celebrating its free-to-play battle royale game’s first birthday on 4th February by ushering in a new season. And now, in preparation for the big day, it’s outlined a few of the additions coming to Season 4 – subtitled Assimilation – including a brand-new Legend going by the name of Forge.

Forge, as his beefy demeanour and hefty championship belt might suggest, is a five-time Hyperfighting Federation champion, and the first Legend to have a (fictional) corporate sponsor in-game, thanks to Hammond Robotics. Respawn isn’t going into much mechanical detail about Forge just yet, but hints that he’s an “up close and personal” brawler with a mean left hook.

As part of Forge’s introduction, Respawn is teasing “big map changes” for World’s Edge, similar the Kings Canyon update in Season 2.

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