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Apex Legends’ next hero is master thief Loba Andrade and she’s out for revenge

Respawn has rolled out its Apex Legends reveal box once more, this time flinging the doors open to unveil the game’s next playable hero: Loba Andrade, a thief who’s out for revenge.

Those with relatively decent memories might recall an intriguing tease that came toward the end of Apex Legends’ previous character reveal, when – after some cheeky sleight of hand by Respawn – robot hitman Revenant stepped into the spotlight. Revenant’s reveal video concluded with a young girl weeping over the body of her father, the assassin’s latest target, leaving many to speculate that she might soon return.

The name Loba, meanwhile, has been connected to Apex Legends for some time, thanks to the efforts of dataminers, but now all the pieces have finally snapped together, with Respawn confirming that, yes, Apex Legends’ latest playable character is a grown-up version of the girl we saw mourning her father 25 years previously, and yes, her name is Loba.

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