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Apex Legends UFO sighting leaves players bamboozled

Hang on – how come that care package isn’t dropping?

As shared yesterday by user Chuzeeee on r/ApexLore, a UFO has been spotted in the sky above World’s Edge, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what it actually is. Get out your tin foil hats, it’s time for a bunch of community conspiracy theories.

Judging by the footage and screenshots shared, the object has three lights and appears to be stationary, prompting guesses it could be a spaceship of some kind. Like any good UFO sighting, some doubted the veracity of the image, claiming it could be nothing more than a glitched care package. To disprove this, dataminer Shrugtal has posted an image of the UFO and a care package next to each other in the sky: the UFO has a smaller blue hue, while the care package burns a bright orange. And, of course, there’s been multiple reported sightings.

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