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Astria Ascending revamps mobile JRPG Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey for Switch, Game Pass, and consoles

Astria Ascending is an upcoming JRPG that breathes new life into the mobile game Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey, reimagining the world and adding richer elements to the hand-drawn game. From the minds of Final Fantasy veterans comes a turn-based title that lets players immerse themselves in over 50 hours of gameplay, plus engage in mini-games like J-Ster – a strategic hexagonal board game that you can see in action in the trailer below.

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Since Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey didn’t really take off way back in 2015, Artisan Studio and Dear Villagers hope to make Astria Ascending more appealing to players this time around, with over 20 dungeons, five unique cities, and a deep and immersive storyline about sacrifice and betrayal. Engaging dialogue is fully voiced, coupled with stunning hand-drawn 2D visuals in 4K – a quality you can expect from former developers of Nier Automata and Bravely Default.

There are more than 200 monsters to defeat in thrilling turn-based battles, with legendary summons and Cosmo Breaks that’ll help you deal devastating damage on foes. You can choose from 20 classes and eight characters you can customize and upgrade. You’ll also have to master the dynamic weather conditions to turn the tide of battle in a pinch.

If you’re eager to know more ahead of Astria Ascending’s global release for Game Pass and the Nintendo Switch on September 30th, you can visit the official website for more. Gameplay footage online shows that it has a combination of Final Fantasy and Vagrant Story elements, so it may very well be worth keeping the game on your radar in the next few weeks.

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