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Avalanche’s Generation Zero team teases mysterious new game

Avalanche Studios, the developer behind Just Cause and moody robo-shooter Generation Zero, has teased its mysterious new project by way of an atmospheric, if brisk, new video.

The currently untitled game is more specifically the work of Systemic Reaction, the newly renamed portion of Avalanche that created last year’s Generation Zero. It’s one of three divisions within the company (which is now going by the umbrella banner Avalanche Studios Group), existing alongside Avalanche Studios, focussed on the development of big-budget titles, and Expansive Worlds, developer of theHunter.

As to the exact nature of Systemic Reaction’s new project, it’s difficult to say right now,. The developer only teases that it’s “both ominous and dangerous”, and the accompanying trailer doesn’t give much more away. Opening on bleak, snowy climes, the camera slowly enters the dark interior of a nearby cave, where a gun cocks, an unseen creature roars, and proceedings come to an abrupt close in a flash of blood and bullets.

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