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Aztech Forgotten Gods has a release date

And a new trailer.

Aztech Forgotten Gods from developer Lienzo now has a release date.

First shown at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase in April last year, the game is due out across Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and PC (Steam, Epic) on 10th March

The game has a unique Latin-futurist setting that sees a cybernetically enhanced warrior face off against colossi with her mysterious prosthetic arm.

All that to save her city of Tenochtitlan, a sort of Aztec Wakanda that’s thrived through technological advancements.

The new trailer shows off the game’s third person action against those colossal bosses, as well as the unique art style.

“Aztech Forgotten Gods is a celebration of our cultural heritage that combines action, heart, and more,” said lead writer Guillermo Vizcaino.

“Bringing Tenochtitlan and Achtli’s story to life has been our studio’s most rewarding project and we cannot wait to share Aztech Forgotten Gods with the world on 10th March, 2022!”

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