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Babylon’s Fall launches survey in a bid to “bring everyone an even better game”

But only wants opinions on graphics for now.

Babylon’s Fall, it’s fair to say, hasn’t got off to the strongest of starts. Not only did the Square Enix and PlatinumGames collaboration launch to mediocre reviews, it struggled to attract much interest from players. And now, following Babylon’s Fall’s limp reception, Square has launched a survey in a bid to help “bring everyone an even better game experience”.

Given the expansive range of problems critics and players have highlighted in regards to Babylon’s Fall since launch – from unremarkable combat to unwelcome live-service elements – Square and PlatinumGames could have taken any number of directions for its first post-release survey, but the focus this time around is on another roundly criticised area: its visuals.

After a few initial warm-up questions, the survey begins canvassing opinions on pretty much every aspect of Babylon’s Falls’ visual design, including characters, equipment, NPCs, enemies, locations, battle effects, UI, and the overall “brushwork” art style. It then ends, perhaps rather optimistically, by asking which particular visual element would need to be changed before participants might be willing to recommend the game.

Babylon’s Fall – Nier: Automata collaboration trailer.

Presumably this will be the first of many surveys on many different aspects of Babylon’s Fall as Square and PlatinumGames look to try and right a very wonky ship (and isn’t just Square determinedly ignoring the pattern slowly emerging around its live-service games), but those eager to lend their thoughts in this particular instance have until this Friday, 18th March, at 3:59pm GMT/8.59am PT to complete the questionnaire.

If you haven’t yet experienced Babylon’s Fall but find yourself oddly curious about its merits, despite (or because of) its poor reception, a demo – which includes four-player co-op – is currently available for PlayStation. A similar trial for PC is expected to arrive later this month.

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