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Become a data hoarder with this 4TB external drive for £65

A massive 4TB WD Elements external hard drive has dropped to £65 on Amazon. That’s a historic low price for this well-reviewed hard drive, and it beats the next-cheapest 4TB drive on Amazon by a healthy £12.

With that much storage space on tap, you’ll be able to put off de-cluttering your computer’s hard drive for at least another few years – even if you’re downloading AAA games or high definition video content on the regular. With typical game install sizes between 5 and 75 gigs, you’d be able to install around 100 modern triple-A games before the drive was full – and far more than that if your tastes skew towards older or indie titles.

As well as working great on PCs of all flavours via the high speed USB 3.0 connection, the drive can also be used as external game storage on Xbox One and PS4, allowing you to escape the confines of the 500GB or 1TB internal drive.

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