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Best computer speakers 2020: great-sounding audio for PCs and laptops

A good set of speakers can really make the music you listen to and games you play at your computer come alive. Here are our picks for the best computer speakers of 2020, including a range of powered options from £50 to £600 that require no additional equipment.

Each recommendation here is suitable for use with laptops and desktop PCs, and both the mid-range and high-end picks also include Bluetooth and optical inputs to work with games consoles, smartphones and tablets too.

For the purposes of this article, a budget speaker is under £50/$50, a mid-range speaker is around £100/$100 and a high-end speaker is sub-£250/$250. We’ve also picked a premium option at around £600/$600. Of course, it’s possible to spend hundreds or even thousands on all kinds of speakers and sound bars; these definitions are a shorthand for this article alone rather than an industry-wide standard. If you want to spend more, feel free to do your own research on the many options available and find the speaker that fits your needs!

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