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Best Game Pass games: the 20 best games you can download now

Game Pass is pretty incredible for the user. A monthly subscription grants you access to hundreds of games, many of which are genuinely great.

Here, we’ve picked out the 20 best Game Pass games you can download right now. But don’t read this as a canonical list – we’re not into that – and instead look at it as 20 games that cover the impressive range of the subscription. Game Pass is about flicking through a library and trying something out you might have skipped, or finding a hidden gem you might have completely missed altogether. There are some big hitters we’ve left out, but that shouldn’t really be a surprise. Everybody knows Gears of War is a Game Pass game and everyone’s already bought GTA 5 three times. What are the 20 games you really should play?

Before we dive in, too, note that you can pick up a single month starter subscription for just a pound here, or you can top up a subscription if you already have one here.

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