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Best Nintendo Switch games: the 20 must-have Switch games you can play right now

The Nintendo Switch is a sort of inverted version of the Wii or Wii U. While those consoles all but demanded that games had to be redesigned to make the most of their strange features, the Switch manages to make old ideas new again simply by allowing you to take them out into the wild. Dark Souls on the tube! Mario at the beach!

While Nintendo’s had a thing for portability since the days of the Game Boy, the Switch is also defined by its multiplayer accessibility, and was sold on the unlikely promise of friends gathered together in public spaces crowded around a single screen. In the end, that sales pitch came true. So whether you’re looking for a game for the TV, the commute, or one of those improbably stylish rooftop parties from the launch ads, hopefully there’s something for you here in our list of the best Nintendo Switch games.

Editors Note: Eurogamer is relaunching its series of ‘best games’ features, starting with the Nintendo Switch. You’ll see more platform lists appearing on the home page in the coming weeks, with the aim to update them several times a year as new releases supplant a given system’s existing library.

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