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Best PS4 games: the 20 best games for PlayStation 4 you can play right now

As the PlayStation 4 generation draws to a close, there are now a huge amount of brilliant games to choose from. Niche favourites like the mini-epic Ground Zeroes and the gorgeous VR blaster Polybius had to make way for others, but it truly is the breadth of the console’s back catalogue as much as the exclusives that gives it its personality.

There’s lots to argue about, in other words, but we also hope that there’s something for everyone in the games we’ve eventually chosen. Here are Eurogamer’s picks for the best PS4 games you can play right now.

Editors Note: Eurogamer is refreshing its series of ‘best games’ features, and today we’re looking at the PlayStation 4. You’ll continue to see more platform lists appearing on the home page in the coming weeks, with the aim to update them several times a year as new releases supplant a given system’s existing library.

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