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BioShock: The Collection for Switch – classic games get a solid remaster

We’ve already taken a look at BioShock: The Collection’s upgrades for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, and while the sense is that the code isn’t quite where it should be right now for those platforms, the same can’t be said of the recent Switch release. Virtuos Games has delivered an excellent collection that makes nips and tucks in all of the right places, with all three games in the pack looking good and running well.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. When it delivered Dark Souls Remastered for Switch, Virtuos leaned heavily on the original last-gen assets for its conversion work for the Nintendo hybrid, perhaps a better fit for its more limited capabilities. That’s categorically not the case for BioShock: The Collection. It’s immediately apparent that the remastered artwork is in place for both the original BioShock and its sequel, while additional tweaks made to the environments in the remaster are also present and correct in the Switch port. Compared to Xbox One X release for example, texture quality is a setting lower – but Switch still benefits from newer assets compared to the original Xbox 360 edition.

The only real compromise as such comes in terms of frame-rate. Whereas the current-gen consoles get a presentation that targets 60 frames per second, Switch runs at 30fps – effectively on par with the last-gen versions at their best. In fact, it terms of overall consistency, Switch is significantly better. Performance locks to 30fps almost permanently, only blighted by occasional irregularities in frame-pacing. On top of that, there are big improvements to image quality thanks to running it all at higher resolutions.

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