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Bleeding Edge has a dolphin who pilots a fishbowl crab mech via a Japanese AI

Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge is a bit out there when it comes to its hero characters. It’s got a character who’s part motorbike, a character who’s got robot chicken legs, and a character who’s consciousness is housed in a robot snake arm that’s attached to their corpse.

Now, rounding out the roster of playable characters included with the team-based competitive multiplayer brawler at launch is a super smart dolphin who pilots a fishbowl crab mech via an on-board Japanese-made AI that also translates for him.

The dolphin is called Mekko, who I had a chance to play around with during a recent trip to Ninja Theory in Cambridge. I found him hard to get to grips with, but fun. The video below includes Mekko gameplay and provides a good idea of how he works. For more on how the game feels to play, check out Chris Tapsell’s Bleeding Edge hands-on preview from E3 2019.

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