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Borderlands 3 now lets you solve puzzles to sort poop and assist real-world science

If you’ve ever want to contribute to the betterment of mankind, but also sort of just wanted to play video games instead, Gearbox has the perfect compromise, courtesy of its new Borderlands Science initiative – which, long story short, lets you organise corrupted poop data in order to assist the scientific community.

Borderlands Science might have lofty goals, but it takes the form of a jaunty little puzzle game that can now be accessed from a new arcade machine aboard Borderlands 3’s Sanctuary III. The simple aim of the game is to sort coloured tiles into ordered lines, which probably doesn’t sound all that science-yon the face of it.

However, the key to all of this is what’s going on beneath Borderlands 3’s colourful block-shifting facade. In reality, each block puzzle is based on strands of microbe DNA, and solving puzzles will ultimate help scientists identify different microbes found without the human body.

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