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Borderlands creator Gearbox has nine AAA games in development

Gearbox, the creator behind the Borderlands series, has nine AAA games currently in development.

Gearbox’s parent company Embracer revealed these numbers in its recent financial results, writing, “Gearbox continues to scale the organisation to deliver on its ambitious growth plan, and there are currently nine AAA games under development.”

We could already have an idea of what several of these games are, with Homeworld 3, Hyper Light Breaker, Relic Hunters Legends, Have a Nice Death and Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom all being published by Gearbox.

Eyes in the Dark announcement trailer.

However, this leaves space for four more titles to be announced. That is, assuming the aforementioned games are indeed the titles Embracer was referring to in its report – there is of course good reason to claim that some of these games would not fall under the “AAA game” umbrella.

Gearbox as a whole is growing exceptionally fast. In April, the company announced its acquisition of independent video game studio Lost Boys, adding more than 220 team members to its numbers.

Following this acquisition, Gearbox’s total headcount now stands at roughly 1300.

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