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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s helicopter intros have been modded into Modern Warfare 2

Chopper and change. 

There’s nothing like gazing over a vista of your upcoming place of death. Multiple deaths, probably. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer matches often begin with a sweeping helicopter flyover before the countdown begins, which gets players pretty amped up for battle.

So what if you took that feature, and recreated it in an older Call of Duty title?

That’s what modder Sasseries has achieved, as a helicopter intro video for Modern Warfare 2 has been uploaded to Reddit.

The video displays a neat flyover of the Favela map, before neatly depositing players in place for a round of team deathmatch. It’s remarkably well-executed, with a smooth transition between the vehicle and countdown.

I made a MW2 mod that re-creates MW’s helicopter intro sequences from r/modernwarfare

Modder Sasseries, who previously created a cinematic mod for Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, explained the intro was relatively simple to script as its animations and helicopter model (complete with benches) were “recycled assets from single-player”. That being said, the video is proof of concept rather than a publicly downloadable mod, and Sasseries believes it will require “a lot more work before it’s optimised and usable in a real multiplayer environment”.

For the time being, it sounds like we can at least look forward to further example videos. Sasseries said they’d “love to make more of these”, and “already [has] a few ideas for other maps”. If only all these flyovers helped you spot campers.

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