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Call of Duty: Warzone makes loadout drops a little pricier

The first big update for Call of Duty: Warzone is here, and along with adding the new weapons announced earlier this week, the update has made some noteworthy balance changes. Namely, those loadout drops are a little more expensive.

As detailed in the patch notes, the price of loadout drops is being bumped up from $6000 to $8500. It’s not a massive increase, but should require your squad to scrounge around a little longer for the necessary funds.

Loadout drops have previously been criticised for being too easy to attain: not only do they drop regularly in-game, but the original buy price was rather cheap. As the loadout drops allow veteran Modern Warfare players to bring over their loadouts from months of grinding multiplayer, it also felt a little harsh on new Warzone players. There’s also an argument that RNG loot is a necessary component of the battle royale experience, prompting players to adapt and survive based on what they find – while the loadout drops made every round very similar, with players simply picking their favourite guns over and over. Hopefully the price increase should make loadout drops feel more like a high-tier reward rather than a necessity, although it seems one drop can still be used by the entire squad.

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