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Call of Duty: Warzone’s bunkers are open – and fans think there’s a Black Ops tease

Ever since Warzone launched back in March, players have been trying to figure out various ways to get into the map’s hidden bunkers, and discover what sort of goodies could be waiting inside. Today, the hidden caverns finally spilled their secrets – while the patch notes have dropped a line that’s put players in a tizzy.

Thanks to the latest patch, players can now access the bunkers using a Red Access Card: a lootable item which can be found in legendary chests. Once inside the bunker, players can grab high-quality gear and cash to set them up for the game. It’s basically the same as Apex Legends’ vaults and vault keys, and from my experience of that game, let me tell you – those vaults really do become a flash point for scuffles.

While you’d think that would be the end of it, it seems Warzone’s bunkers have a further surprise in store, as there are yet more doors inside which are currently locked. It’s like a Russian doll, but bunkers.

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