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Cave Story+ on Switch getting “classic graphics” option in August

Earlier this year porting company and publisher Nicalis announced that it would be bringing the definitive version of Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya’s cult classic platformer Cave Story to Nintendo Switch. This recent edition launched last month in North America with some new features like extra stages, new items, and a planned local co-op mode to be added later this summer. However, some diehard Cave Story fans, like our friends over at USgamer, considered this Switch release to be a step back from the PC version of Cave Story+ that allowed players to switch between the game’s updated graphics and its original “classic” aesthetic.

“Cave Story+ on the Switch isn’t the best version of the game,” USgamer’s Caty McCarthy claimed. “Without the ability to toggle between art, Cave Story+ for the Switch almost feels like Cave Story-, and not the definitive version it was touted as.”

Well worry no longer, as Nicalis is patching the option for ye olde graphics in! As stated on the publisher’s Twitter, this feature will arrive in a free update this August.

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