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Clash of Fans: Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite

Hello and welcome to the fifth and final write-up in our Clash of Fans series. This week we have been getting together in pairs (virtually) and forcing each other to play a beloved game. Then we chat about what we made of it all.

Here is Wesley Yin-Poole with new battle royale contender Call of Duty Warzone, and Tom Phillips with his teeth-rotting addiction to the colourful Fortnite.

Tom: I knew I was getting the full Warzone experience when it’s taken this long – until the very end of the week – to get both of our games downloaded and up to date with the latest 100GB+ version. What on earth is taking up all that space? How big are those bunkers? It feels like I have downloaded a full AAA game rather than a free-to-play battle royale, but I guess I also sort of have. The way Warzone has launched as a free part of Modern Warfare, and the way it feels like it will stick around with some longevity as opposed to… whatever that earlier COD battle royale was, is being well handled. Is that part of the reason you’ve stuck around with it?

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