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Clash of Fans was a lovely surprise for us

This week we’ve been running a series called Clash of Fans. The idea is that we’d pair up – virtually of course, please stay at home if you can – and we’d trade our favourite games. Everyone would have to play a game someone else loves and everyone would get to make someone else play a game they love. And then we’d get back together and exchange notes.

Clash of Fans! That name sounds very partisan and we commissioned a big, chunky logo with rock letters and cracks in the ground. We were all ready for seismic collisions and lots of fighting.

But this didn’t really happen. Sure, maybe one of us was a bit bored playing a Witcher card game, and maybe another was a bit confused to find a driving game that was all about being stuck. But for the most part this has been a week for the feeling of friendly sharing of perspectives. Here’s what I like, now I want to understand what you like.

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