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Classic Fallout re-imagining transforms its isometric style into 3D

There have been plenty of mods seeking to put the isometric Fallout games in newer titles (just take a look at the Capital Wasteland project, for instance) – and while the work is often fantastic, these rarely retain the art style of the older games. So, if you’ve ever wondered what classic Fallout would have looked like if the devs had made it in 3D back in 1997, just take a look at the work below.

Created by artist Red888guns, the animated gif retains the grainy feel of the first game, while adding a HUD that’s more appropriate for an FPS – including an ammo counter and a bar displaying the option to switch between three weapons. It’s seriously impressive work, and it’s made me crave an entire Fallout game as a 3D Doom-style shooter. With RPG elements retained, of course.

This isn’t the first piece of Fallout-inspired artwork created by Red888guns, either, as they’ve previously created assets for a number of mod projects, all in the style of the isometric Fallouts. These include talking heads and guns for Fallout: Sonara, along with dialogue interfaces for Project O2, and there’s even a talking head of Todd Howard. If you want to browse through the extensive gallery of work, you can check out Red888guns’ DeviantArt page here.

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