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Co-op is now available in Age of Empires 3

Take on the “objective-based content you love, now with a friend”.

Co-op has finally arrived in Age of Empires 3.

Players can now band together to experience “story-driven historical narratives and objectives”, including all the same gameplay you know “but tailored for the cooperative experiences”, as well as fully-voiced dialogue and enemy AI that can take on two opponents instead of just one.

Up until now, players could only enjoy the game together via competitive multiplayer – there was no co-operative play at all.

“The new Co-Op Historical Battles are now available, bringing a co-operative multiplayer experience to the vivid historical and objective-based content you love, now with a friend,” the development team exclaimed in its latest Steam update, confirming that your co-op buddy doesn’t have to own the DLC to get involved.

“We’re thrilled to bring you this co-opportunity to play and experience the game as never before! The best part? Only owners of the DLC need to host the associated Historical Battles and anyone can join, even if they don’t own the DLC!”

There are also 12 historical battles if you own all the DLC expansions, whilst owners of just the base game only have access to half of them.

Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition got the Mexico civilisation as DLC – deemed the “most strategically diverse civilisation yet” – last December.

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