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Cocoon is a lavish puzzle-platformer coming from Inside and Limbo’s gameplay designer

If you like mournfully hopping around a mysterious world as a little person solving puzzles, you might like the sound of Cocoon: it’s a deeply handsome puzzle-platforming indie from Jeppe Carlsen, the gameplay designer of Limbo and Inside.

Here’s a look at Cocoon’s announcement trailer and gameplay.

You play as a kind of fly-person, who carries various glowing spheres around various exotic worlds. It’s wonderfully moody, the opening desert hinting at some Sable-like vibes before we move on to a range of other ones, “worlds within worlds” as the blurb puts it. Even from just the trailer you get the sense there’s some real cleverness to the puzzle-platforming to go with it.

Looks good! You can “unravel a cosmic mystery” in it next year, as it’s coming 2023, like an awful lot of games it seems, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass.

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