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Contraption builder Scrap Mechanic’s very long-awaited Survival mode finally out in May

Scrap Mechanic, developer Axolot Games enormously enjoyable vehicle construction sandbox game, is finally getting its extremely long-awaited Survival mode next month, on 7th May, and there’s a first look at its more structured hijinks in a brand-new trailer.

Scrap Mechanic initially entered Steam early access in 2016, and delivered a pleasingly flexible multiplayer sandbox experience built around the idea of constructing elaborate machines, be they vehicles or other oddities, from a core selection of building blocks and some surprisingly powerful tools – including the likes of pistons, thrusters, sensors, logic gates, and engines.

It’s grown tremendously since its inception, introducing a whole range of new gadgets and elements to muck around with, but its long-promised (and only occasionally glimpsed) Survival mode has remained elusive for far too long.

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