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Control, Bayonetta 2, The Outer Worlds and more of the week’s cheapest game deals

We’re coming to the end of January and as the first payday of the year rolls around I thought you might like to get an idea of where all the best game deals can currently be found.

A lot of digital retailers (and I mean a lot) are in the midst of their Lunar New Year sales, but if you prefer something you can hold in your hands here are the better physical game deals out there.

Let’s start with one of the best games of the year – Control. Remedy’s supernatural shooter is rather by-the-numbers mechanically but its story and world-building are so fascinating that I stuck with it all the way to get the platinum trophy. The game is getting a couple of DLC episodes soon, with the tantalising possibility of an Alan Wake tie-ins, so if you’ve been holding off now’s the time to get a copy while it’s cheap.

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