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Cook Serve Forever announced, arriving early 2023

Developer Vertigo Gaming Inc, known for its beloved Cook, Serve, Delicious series, has announced its newest game – Cook Serve Forever.

In this all-new adventure, players will take on the role of Nori Kaga, a food cart chef who has her sights set on making it into the big time, just like her role mode – the glamourous Chef Rhubarb. To achieve her goal, Nori moves to the “bustling solarpunk city” of Helianthus, and starts cooking up a storm.

The game itself will feature “hundreds of recipes” for players to whip up, as well as multiple other side quests, with gameplay “that stimulates the rhythm and tactility of cooking”. You can check out the mouth-watering trailer for yourself below (also, look out for Nori’s adorable cheeseburger slippers and cupcake bedding).

Following this announcement, Vertigo Gaming Inc. founder David Galindo, tweeted: “Cook Serve Forever rethinks the cooking experience in games, and we’re so excited to take y’all on this massive culinary adventure that’s easily the biggest we’ve ever made!”

While the game does not have an exact release date yet, it is slated to come out early in 2023. In the meantime, however, fans can add it to their Steam wish list by following this link.

If watching this new trailer has got you in the mood for food, as it has done for me, there is a whole world of video game inspired cookbooks now being released for you to feast your eyes on. From the futuristic universe of Halo to the medieval and mystical realms of The Witcher, we have you covered.

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