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Cortana just watched Master Chief have sex

The latest episode of the Halo TV show has aired and, well, Master Chief had sex.

Not content with taking his helmet off and getting his bum out, the Spartan warrior has now gone all the way.

Presumably it’s all part of the “mission statement” to show more of the character’s human side. Spoilers follow.

The latest episode, Allegiance, has the Chief hook up with Makee – a human kidnapped by the Covenant at a young age and deemed to be their chosen one.

Not that it’s shown: the two humans are seen uncovering and touching scars, before waking up together later in bed, their intercourse merely implied.

Cue heavy grunts. Maybe.

What makes this weird is that Cortana watches the whole thing, the little voyeur.

Later, Dr. Halsey tells Makee how pleased she is to see them getting closer. Was Halsey watching too? And considering she brought up Master Chief from the age of six, was Master Chief just seen having sex by his mum?

And, as Decider points out, surely Master Chief was raised to be a ruthless killing machine while Makee has been living with aliens. Did we just witness them losing their virginity?

Fans aren’t particularly happy with this latest story beat, though it could have implications for Reach. There’s plenty of discussion about “Master Cheeks” on Reddit too.

Halo set a new viewership record for Paramount+ when it launched, but the show is currently still only available in the US.

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