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Cricket League is a 3D multiplayer game that features quick two over matches, now up for pre-registration on Android

Cricket League is a new mobile game for all cricket lovers, where they can enjoy playing quick matches in the comfort of their houses. It comes with 3D graphics and a multiplayer mode, which makes it even more fun. Cricket League is now available for pre-registration on Android to become the next MS Dhoni and beat their score.

About the game

This sports game has a 1v1 face-off with two overs; go field, bat, and bowl. If batting, bowling, and fielding isn’t enough, you also have to be strategic, or you will lose. The controls are straightforward to learn, so you can quickly get the hang of it.

It also features many cricket stadiums; with venues from Mumbai to London. Each stadium also comes with different pitches, so make sure to study the environment properly before jumping into the action.

Winning a match will be crucial as it will earn you more coins that can be used to build your dream cricket team. It also has over 25 characters to add to your team.


Cricket League features quick two-over matches, which means you only get to play 12 balls in a game. You can choose to play against your friends or a random online player. Since the matches are quick to play and finish, it means you can pick it up anywhere anytime and kill time.

Final Words

Cricket League is a mobile sports game where players get to experience a 3D world of cricket. The objective here is to build a dream team before taking on your friends and other online players to prove that your cricketing skills are the best. With just 12 balls to play in a match, each is crucial, and every run counts, you will need to be tactical if you want to win all your matches.

Cricket League is now up for pre-registration on Android. Interested players can pre-register for the title on Google Play. The game’s release date has not been announced yet, but it is expected to release soon on both Android and iOS.

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