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Danganronpa creator’s live-action mystery Death Come True out now on Steam

If you’re a fan of Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka’s work (which you might well be, because Danganronpa is great), then you’ll possibly be interested to know that his latest project – live-action mystery Death Come True – has just popped up on Steam.

Death Come True, which is only slightly more specifically described as a “new wave interactive movie” and “science fiction mystery” by developer Too Kyo Games, begins as a man named Makoto Karaki wakes in a mysterious hotel room, with no recollection of how he got there. A woman is bound and unconscious nearby, and a TV news report adds further intrigue when it reveals he’s a wanted serial killer.

It all plays out as a live-action movie, with players able to make choices which will ultimately determine how the story concludes. Multiple endings are promised, as are multiple ways to die, and players can collect Death Medals as they uncover grisly new ways to meet their demise.

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