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Darkest Dungeon is getting an arena-based PvP mode in its new Butcher’s Circus paid DLC

Developer Red Hook Studios’ brilliant but punishing Lovecraft-inspired strategy-RPG, Darkest Dungeon, is getting a brand-new chunk of paid DLC next month. It’s called The Butcher’s Circus and, rather unexpectedly, it adds PvP arena battles to the previously single-player game.

Up until now, Darkest Dungeon, which initially launched in 2016, has remained a staunchly solo pursuit, tasking players with delving ever-deeper into the antediluvian corners of an ancient hamlet and its surrounding environs – seeking treasure, avoiding traps, and battling cosmic horrors in time-honoured turn-based fashion.

Its unquestionable allure was found in the sheer thrill of besting its cliff-like difficulty curve, which delighted in sending party members to the brink of madness, imbuing them with (usually) negative quirks and making already tough challenges even harder – in turn forcing a stressfully satisfying balancing act between deeper exploration and hero preservation.

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