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Dead Cells’ latest free update adds six new enemies and a crowbar, is out now on PC

Dead Cells, developer Motion Twin’s wonderful action-platform rogue-like, continues its seemingly unstoppable expansion with another free update – this time in the form of the Bestiary Update – which is out now on PC, with console a release to follow.

The Bestiary Update, as you might have successfully surmised from its title, is very much focussed on expanding Dead Cells’ enemy line-up with six brand-new mobs. As Motion Twin puts it, “The ‘common’ enemy pool was getting a bit too small considering the addition of new levels, and the [Boss Cells] enemies just weren’t enough to avoid some repetition.”

As such, after downloading the new update, players will have the opportunity to encounter three new biome-specific opponents, plus three additional foe types spread across different Boss Cells levels. “These will freshen up the gameplay and give you some new attack patterns to master,” says Motion Twin, “but hopefully not too soon!”.

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