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December’s PlayStation Plus games include SOMA and Onrush

Sony has announced its final batch of PlayStation Plus games for 2018 – and while it’s short on triple-A showstoppers, there’s a fine selection of titles to be found, including Frictional Games’ existential horror SOMA and superb racer Onrush, both on PlayStation 4.

At first glance, Frictional’s SOMA, which released in 2015, looks to be a significant departure from the studio’s previous, heavily H. P. Lovecraft inspired games, including Amnesia: A Dark Descent and its The Chinese Room co-developed successor A Machine For Pigs.

And while SOMA’s futuristic sci-fi focus is certainly far removed from the classical gothic trappings of its predecessors, the Lovecraftian thread is unmistakable as it goes big on the existential terror. Its a game as much concerned with questions of identity and morality as it is big scary monsters – although you’ll find plenty of those too, unless you opt for the no-death Safe Mode) – but to say much more would be to rob SOMA of its power.

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