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Destiny 2 gets its first Fortnite-style live event today

Bungie has signalled Destiny 2 will see its first Fortnite-style live event as powerful AI Rasputin takes aim at The Almighty, a massive Cabal superweapon that’s on a collision course with The Last City on Earth.

This event is the climax of Destiny 2’s 10th season, dubbed Season of the Worthy, and a storyline that involves The Almighty plummeting towards The Last City. The Almighty is a massive Cabal superweapon that was left broken and orbiting the Sun at the end of the Destiny 2 campaign. At the beginning of the season, a desperate Psion Flayer set The Almighty on a collision course with earth. Players then had to effectively charge up Rasputin via a series of Seraph Tower events so it could use its powerful weapons to shoot The Almighty out of the sky.

So, what should we expect? It’s expected The Almighty does not destroy Earth or the Tower, but players have found evidence Destiny’s famous social space does get properly smashed up – by glitching into the future of the Tower.

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