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Destiny 2’s big Witch Queen expansion launches February 2022

New setting and weapon type confirmed. 

Witch Queen, the next big expansion for Destiny 2, will launch on 22nd February 2022. (Hey, that’s 22/2/22!)

Details of the expansion are set to be fully announced by Bungie tonight in its big Destiny livestream at 5pm UK time. Or, you can find them now via details scoop up from the PlayStation Store (thanks, True Trophies).

This store listing details the new destination coming to Destiny 2 alongside the expansion, as well as an all-new weapon type. If you’d prefer to watch Bungie dole out this information later, here’s your last chance to look away.

In what Bungie describes as “the definitive Destiny campaign”, players will explore the new destination of Savathûn’s Throne World in Witch Queen and apparently discover how she “stole the Light”.

This location is said to be “a twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor” and include a palace and a swamp. Hmm, how about some ogres?

Witch Queen will also introduce weapon crafting with unique mod, shader and stat combinations, as well as a fresh Glaive weapon type. Master this, Bungie says, to unleash “melee combos, projectile attacks, and a deployable energy shield”.

Pre-orders for the expansion will net you an additional exotic Ghost Shell, emote and emblem. A Deluxe Edition will also include access to Seasons 16-19 and two Year 5 dungeons, plus other in-game gubbins.

Yesterday, Bungie showed a glimpse at Savathûn herself – a long-awaited villain who has been referenced within Destiny since pretty much day one.

But tonight will also lay out details for Season of the Lost, the imminent new season which will set up Witch Queen and also see the return of Destiny’s OG Reef royalty Mara Sov.

Tune in at 5pm UK tonight for more.

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