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Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Switch: a decent port of a truly classic game

15 years after its initial release on PlayStation 2, Devil May Cry 3 is still among the best action games of its kind – but getting a decent remaster for modern systems has proven elusive, with the game receiving a procession of barebones conversions over the years. The good news is that with the game’s recent arrival on Nintendo Switch, we do get an excellent rendition of this classic brawler, but the bad news is that it’s still some way off delivering what you might call a perfect port.

There is a sticking point in terms of its value on the eShop. PS4, PC and Xbox One received an HD Collection back in 2018 that provided the trilogy in one purchase, while Switch users (outside of Japan at least) need to buy each conversion individually, amounting to a higher price tag overall. However, with DMC3 there is at least extra work put into the port, where you get Switch-exclusive features. There’s limited two-player support via a co-op mode that has Dante and Vergil surviving waves of enemies in the Bloody Palace. Here, you can use the JoyCons held sideways if needs be, plus it even lets each player use weapon loadouts from the solo adventure. It’s a neat arcade-style extra – one that but still, the main adventure is the big attraction.

Switch users also get a significant addition to the main single-player game. There’s a new Freestyle mode, letting you change Dante’s play style on the fly, available right from the start of the game – as opposed to choosing between Trickster, Royal Guard, Swordmaster and Gunslinger types between each level. With a burst of colour, the role of the B button changes, opening up options for even more lavish mid-air juggles.

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