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Devolver pokes fun at Sonic Origins’ bizarre DLC and pre-order bonuses

Earlier this week, Sega screwed up its announcement of a promising-looking Sonic Origins retro collection by listing a bizarre selection of pre-order bonuses, DLC and deluxe edition content.

“Character animation in the main menu” and “camera controls over the main menu islands” were listed as being part of the Premium Fun Pack DLC or the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition. The same is true of the game’s “Hard Missions”.

A bonus listed simply as “Letterbox Background” is highlighted as being available in either the Premium Fun Pack DLC or the separate Start Dash Pack DLC – free but only if you pre-order.

Fan kerfuffle and general confusion over the various Sonic Oranges options sparked criticism from fans – and overshadowed the rest of the announcement.

For reference, here’s a look at that chart once again:

Now, cheeky publisher Devolver Digital has stepped in with its own take – created as a “handy guide for pre-ordering Trek to Yomi”, its upcoming black-and-white samurai game.

Would you believe it, you’ll get the full game wherever you pre-order Trek to Yomi – and Devolver will even throw in the game’s “full credits at the end” for good measure.

Eurogamer has contacted Sega for comment on Origins’ various editions – and asked whether it will change any of these in response to fan feedback.

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