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Dislyte Tier List – The best characters ranked

If you want a complete Dislyte tier list featuring the best characters in the game, look no further. Today, we’ll do exactly that, and give you a very clear idea of what each Esper is capable of.

At the end of the list, we’ll talk about something arguably more important – how each Esper can be upgraded and leveled up, and subsequently how you can increase their maximum star.

Dislyte tier list breakdown

In this tier list, you’ll find only the most important characters in the game. Since not all espers are worth upgrading to 6-star (and level 60), we will mention mostly characters 3-star and above. The 2-star Espers can be used as advance materials, so we won’t mention them at all.

At the very top, in the SS-tier, you can find some of the absolute best characters. They are in a league of their own, and so far they’re unrivalled. Underneath, you’ll have S-tier, where equally good units will be placed. They are not SS because they are not that overpowered, but regardless, they’re units worth adding to the team.

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Moving lower into the list, we have units that are semi-viable in the A-tier, quickly followed by the B-tier ones, where you have average Espers. In the C-tier and D-tier, you have units that I wouldn’t bother too much with. I would advise investing in units above tier A only since resources can be pretty scarce at times.

Thus being said, let’s cut straight to the chase and dive into our Dislyte tier list.


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